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We hire projector lenses

We carry an extensive range of Panasonic projector lenses, both for  DLP and LCD units, also specialist Hitachi and Christie lenses. Most but not all of our lenses are listed below with hire pricing associated. It can be complicated working out what type lens you need. We have included a lens throw calculator below to help you find which lens might suit your requirements.  If your not certain what you need for the job or you cant find what you’re looking for we will be very happy to help with your planning. We offer sizable discounts to the trade, please feel free to contact us for a competitive quote on any longer term hires. We offer a UK wide next day courier delivery service.

Lens Calculator

Use this basic calculator to find out what lens you need. Add the required distance between the projection surface and the position of the projector then add the required image width. <br>Match the result in the PROJECTOR LENS RATIO field with the specification included in the lens options below. A zoom lens has two hyphenated numbers, e.g. 1.2-2.7:1 If your result fits between the numbers this will be the lens you require. 

Throw Distance Units
Image Width Units
Projector Lens Ratio : 1
  • Keep the measurements in the same units, ft or m or cm is fine just be sure they are the same units
  • 4:3, 16:9, it does not matter. Using the screen width assumes this is the largest dimension of the screen.
  • Throw distance is calculated from the projector lens to the screen.
  • All Sound
  • Amplifiers
  • Mixing Desks
  • Microphones
  • Cables
  • PA Systems
  • Speakers & Stands
  • Audio Interfaces
  • Signal management
  • Effects
  • Playback
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Stage and Event
  • Dimming & Control
  • Special Effect
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  • All Lighting
  • Power Distribution
  • Power Conditioning
  • Generators
  • Cables
  • Truss
  • Lifters
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  • All rigging
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  • Processors
  • Cameras
  • Drone Cameras
  • Cabling & Extenders
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  • Screens
  • Switching & Scaling
  • All Video
  • Mirror Balls
  • Festoon
  • Event Entrance Arch
  • Smoke
  • Party
  • Cameras   
  • Video mixers
  •  live streaming solutions

We offer discounts to the trade and for long term hires. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Panasonic 1-Chip DLP Lenses

We have multiples of our 1-chip DLP lenses in our hire stock. If you are unsure of which lens you require please feel free to contact us for advice. We’ll need to know the model number of your projector, the width and height of your screen, and the required distance between the projector lens and the screen.

ET-DLE020: Ultra short Throw zoom 0.280~0.299 : 1

Fits Easily in Tight Spaces allows user interaction without shadowing. Perfect for visitor attraction and stage projection.
Day: £250.00
Week: £750.00

ET-DLE060: short Throw zoom 0.6 ~ 0.8:1

A flexible short throw zoom lens for the 1-chip DLP range. Used for short throw applications.
Day: £100.00
Week: £300.00

ET-DLE085 0.8 ~ 1.0:1 Zoom

The aperture range f/1.85 to f/2.2. 1.25x zoom lens has power zoom and power focus capabilities for remote adjustment.
Day: £100.00
Week: £300.00

ET-DLE105 1.0 ~ 1.3 Zoom

Throw Ratio: (WUXGA) 1.0-1.3: 1 // (WXGA) 1-1.4: 1 // (XGA) 1.0-1.4: 1. HD lens for the Panasonic 1chip DLP range
Day: £100.00
Week: £300.00

ET-DLE150 1.3 ~ 1.9:1 Zoom

HD lens for single chip Panasonics 19.4-27.9mm focal length
Day: £75.00
Week: £225.00

ET-DLE170 Standard Lens 1.7 ~ 2.4 Zoom

Comes as standard with single chip units bought with lens
Day: £75.00
Week: £225.00

ET-DLE250 2.3 – 3.6:1 Zoom

HD lens for Panasonic single chip models 33.9-53.2mm focal length
Day: £75.00
Week: £225.00

ET-DLE350 3.58 ~ 5.45:1 Zoom

HD lens. Fits the 1-chip DLP range including current models. 52.8-79.5mm focal length
Day: £75.00
Week: £225.00

ET-DLE450 5.4 – 8.6:1 Zoom

Long throw single-chip DLP projector lens. 79.6-125.2mm focal length
Day: £75.00
Week: £225.00

Panasonic 3-Chip DLP Lenses

Our current stock of Panasonic Triple Chip DLP / System projector lenses for models including the PT-DZ21k, PT-DS20k, PT-DW17k, PT-DZ16k, PT-DS12k, PT-DZ13k, PT-DW11k, PT-DZ10k and the PT-RZ31K. We have the HD versions, models ET-D75LE6, ET-D75LE10, ET-D75LE50 (short throw), ET-D75LE30, ET-D75LE40 (long throw zoom), ET-D75LE90 (ultra-short throw). We stock multiples of all these lenses and can source additional units if required. We offer a UK wide Panasonic lens rental service at competitive rates.

Panasonic ET-D75LE10 Motorised Zoom Lens

Motorised Zoom lens 1.4-1.8:1. Motorised zoom and focus. HD lens.
Day: £100.00
Week: £300.00

Panasonic ET-D75LE30 Motorised Zoom Lens

Motorised zoom lens with throw ratio 2.4-4.7:1. Motorised focus. HD lens.
Day: £100.00
Week: £300.00

Panasonic ET-D75LE40 Motorised Zoom Lens

Motorised zoom lens with throw ratio 4.6-7.4:1. Motorised focus. HD lens.
Day: £100.00
Week: £300.00

Panasonic ET-D75LE50 Fixed Focus Lens

HD lens for triple chips, fixed at 0.8:1 for the PT-DS20KU / PT-DS8500U / PT-DW17KU / PT-DW8300U models, or 0.7:1 for the PT-DZ21KU / PT-DZ8700U projectors.
Day: £150.00
Week: £450.00

Panasonic ET-D75LE20 Motorised Zoom Lens

Motorised zoom lens with throw ratio 1.7-2.4:1. Motorised focus. HD lens.
Day: £150.00
Week: £350.00

Panasonic ET-D75LE6 Motorised Zoom Lens

Throw ratios: 0.9-1.1:1 (16:10 Ratio) / 0.9-1.1:1 (16:9 Ratio) / 1.1-1.3:1 (4:3 Ratio). Motorised zoom and focus. HD lens.
Day: £150.00
Week: £400.00

Panasonic ET-D75LE8 Extreme long throw HD lens

A long throw HD zoom lens for the Triple-Chip DLP and system projectors including PT-DZ21K, PT-DS20K, PT-DW17k. Throw ratio 7.3 - 13.8 : 1.
Day: £300.00
Week: £900.00

Panasonic ET-D75LE90 ultra-short throw HD lens

Extreme short throw HD lens offering a throw ratio of 0.36: 1, to fit the Triple-Chip units, including PT-DZ21K, PT-DS20K, PT-DW17K, PT-DZ16K, PT-RZ31K
Day: £500
Week: £1500.00

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